Awards for Excellence FAQ's

What are the Awards about?

The Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence are our opportunity to shine a spotlight on all the good work in our sector, to come together and to celebrate these successes as well as the enormous contribution that we make day in, day out in our communities. With a recently revised line up for 25 award categories, there are categories to suit all types and sized clubs. 

Nominating into the Awards for Excellence is complimentary, and with so many benefits in participating in the program including internal review, marketing opportunities, complimentary benchmarking and learning tools via the Mystery Customer judging element and the opportunity to instil a sense of pride, ownership, and recognition for all that your club does – there is no reason not to be involved!

Award winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner to be held on Tuesday 22 March 2022 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.  

Award categories

Core Purpose Categories
  • Best Licensed RSL and/or Services Club
  • Best Bowls Club
  • Best Football Club
  • Best Surf Life Saving Supporters Club
  • Best Sports Club
  • Best Multi-Sports Club
Dining Categories (*seating capacities are pre COVID restrictions)
  • Best Dining: 1 to 50 (seating capacity)
  • Best Dining: 51 to 100 (seating capacity)
  • Best Dining: 101 to 200 (seating capacity)
  • Best Dining: 200+ (seating capacity)
Community Categories
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Support of Sport
  • Heart of the Community
General Categories
  • Special Achievement Award – Responsible Gambling
  • Special Achievement Award – Responsible Service of Alcohol
Individual Categories
  • Club Chef of the Year
  • Young Manager of the Year
  • Club Director of the Year
  • Club Secretary/Manager of the Year
Club of the Year Categories
  • Non-gaming
  • Boutique: 1 to 39 EGMs
  • Intermediate: 41 to 99 EGMs
  • Grand: 100 to 199 EGMs
  • Enterprise: 200+ EGMs

How many categories can I enter?

There is no limit in the number of categories you can enter.  We suggest you have a look at your club and choose categories that match its strengths.  Look at your people, your facilities, what you do for your community and see what stands out.  Most clubs enter their core purpose category along with their club of the year category and then maybe choose one to three more that suit their current situation.  Bear in mind that completing each questionnaire takes time and effort. 

Can I read the questionnaires before i decide what to enter?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to view the questionnaires before choosing which categories you want to enter.  They are also downloadable directly from the CQ website.  CLICK HERE to check them out now and to get an understanding of what is required for each submission.

What are the deadlines?

  • Nominations to enter the awards opened 21st September 2021
  • Written submissions of ALL categories you enter are due 15th December 2021
  • Mystery Customer site Inspections take place from mid Oct to mid Dec 2021
  • Written submission judging takes place in early January 2022
  • Financial submissions that form a part of some of the questionnaires are due 21st Jan 2022
  • Awards Gala Dinner is on 22nd March 2022 – ticket sales are already open

How do I nominate my club?

CLICK HERE to nominate your club now!  Within a few days, you will then be sent a confirmation email with further details to note.  We will step you through the process and ensure you are reminded of key dates.
What is the judging process?

Step 1: Site inspections
We have engaged an independent company called Mystery Customer who will undertake an anonymous site inspection of every club that enter the Club of the Year and/or Core Purpose categories, and also Best Dining categories. Scores from these inspections are collated against the final scores of the relevant categories . Clubs may have several site inspections depending on which categories are entered, with all Mystery Customer reports being shared with clubs after the Gala Dinner. 
Step 2: Written submissions
Each questionnaire is reviewed and scored by a panel of the three independent judges, all of whom have relevant knowledge and/or experience in clubs and how they operate.

Each questionnaire is judged individually by two different judges and their scores averaged and collated against the entries.  If there is a disparity of more than 5 points, then the 3rd judge rates the submission, and the scores are averaged out of the 3. Scores are then collated against entries.
Step 3: Financial judging
This is done by SRJ Walker Wayland and scores are collated against entries. This year they will be judging the P&L’s for the Dining categories along with the Community Benefit Statements from the General Questionnaire.  Due to the ongoing COVID interference throughout 2021 for various regions around the state, clubs’ financials will not be taken into consideration for the 2022 awards.

Step 4: Score collation
All the various scores are tallied against each club’s submission producing the winners of each category.

Step 5: Final judging for the Club of the Year Grand & Enterprise
For top 3 clubs in both Club of the Year: Grand & Club of the Year: Enterprise only = 6 site visits.

This is a new level of judging for the 2022 Awards program which will see a new independent judge how has direct club management experience review and score the the top 3 written submissions from each category as well as complete their own anonymous site inspection of each club. Their scores will be added and averaged with the previous scores from those from the panel of judges to determine the final results of these categories. 
Step 6: Final sign off
The Head Judge, then signs off on all the winners and they are locked in. Finalists and winners are only announced on the awards night with the exception of Club Chef of the Year, where finalists are announced in January due to the extra steps involved (see Club Chef questionnaire to read more).
Why enter my club in the Awards?

These awards are more than about winning, by being involved you will instil a sense of pride, ownership, and recognition for all that your club does. Now more than ever with the ramifications of COVID-19 still ever present and ongoing, your staff and community could benefit from this.

Additional benefits are:
  • Use the submission process as an analysis tool for business development
  • Fantastic free marketing and publicity for both winners and finalists
  • Great networking opportunity with peers, industry leaders and corporate partners
Are there any rules of entry?

As with any awards there are some basic ground rules so CLICK HERE to read them in full. The main one however, is that you must have been a financial member of Clubs Queensland since 1 January 2021 and your membership must be paid up to date.

What does it cost?

The awards are FREE to enter no matter how many categories you choose. The only cost associated with the awards are purchasing tickets to come to the Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards Gala Dinner on Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre to see if you are a finalist or have won!

What happens on the Awards night?

Over 1,000 industry colleagues and peers come together for a black-tie Gala Dinner to celebrate our industry’s successes together.  Whether you win or not, this night is not to be missed.   The tickets include a 3-course meal, beverages, entertainment, theming, photographer and of course the award presentations, + more!  There is even an after party that goes until 2:00am for those that want to party on at their own expense.  Book one ticket or book 40 and bring your staff, it is up to you.  New friends are made here, wins are acknowledged, stories are told, and the celebration is real.  The event is timed in with the MAX Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo, also held at the BCEC so that you can take advantage of this event as well.  CLICK HERE to purchase tickets now!

What if I have questions or need support?

We are here to help and have a dedicated Events Manager to help you through the process and answer any questions along the way. Feel free to contact Colleen Ocafrain on 3252 0770 or via email at at any stage.