2021 has certainly not been “business as usual”, however through the hardships and challenges, we’ve been witness to so many stories of business success, continuity and examples of clubs supporting their staff and of course, communities. 

Now more than ever it’s time to shine a spotlight on all the good work in our sector, come together and celebrate these successes as well as the enormous contribution that we make day in, day out in our communities, and what better way to do so than at the 2022 Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence.

Given all the changes, restrictions and business disruptions, some amendments for this year’s judging criteria have been continued or introduced to ensure the program continues to be relevant, accessible and equitable. The changes are outlined below.

What's changed or continued in 2022?

Financial Judging

Due to the continued forced closure periods and subsequent trading restrictions brought about in response to COVID-19, financial reports will again not form part of the 2022 Awards Program judging criteria.

Community Benefit Statement

This year entrants completing a General Questionnaire will be required to provide a list of all cash and in-kind donations and services that you have provided from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 along with an OLGR Community Benefit Statement.  This change has been introduced to recognise that whilst money may not be coming in as it used to, it sure is still going out and recognition for your continued contributions should be recognised.
Club of the Year – Grand & Enterprise Categories only

Once the finalists of both categories have been ascertained through the standard judging process, an extra step will be introduced in 2022.  This involves a second anonymous full site inspection being carried out by an independent judge.  By observing for a second time how the finalist clubs operate in real time, the true winners of the Grand and Enterprise Clubs of the Year categories should shine through.

Full Site Inspection

So that our mystery shoppers capture you at your best, the timing for the anonymous site inspections to occur are changing to:  between 6pm – 8pm on a Friday or Saturday nights throughout the months of October, November and December 2021.  Please review the judging criteria on the last page of the General Questionnaire to see what they look for and note that there have been some changes since 2021.

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