2020 is a new era of the Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence! With a new direction for the program, we’re enabling all clubs to have an equal opportunity to participate and be recognised across the process of submissions and judging, and also a strong emphasis on acknowledging and awarding community contribution.
So, what has changed you’re asking? 
The introduction of 4 BRAND NEW Community Contribution Awards – and they’re so simple to enter!
Each and every day, your club is contributing in big and small ways to your community. These categories have been introduced to help you tell your story and promote what you do day in, day out.
To enter these categories, all you need to do is tell us your story, answering just 5 simple questions in doing so (No financial data required!), selecting the category which best fits your story Heart of the Community ; Support of Sport ; Health & WellbeingEducation

In these categories, it’s not about the highest dollar contribution, it’s about how much of a difference it made to your community.
These categories allow for your club to further leverage opportunities within your community to generate positive engagement; actively demonstrate your club's corporate social responsibility practices; demonstrate the value, purpose and relevance of clubs in communities and proactively engage with Local, State and Federal Government representatives.
Click here to read more about the requirements and criteria of these new categories.
Regional award categories removed to make way for 5 categories of CLUB OF THE YEAR based on venue size (number of EGMs)
No longer will you compete with the clubs in your region to be crowned ‘Club of the Year’ – we’ve removed the geographical boundaries, and you’ll now be competing for a ‘Club of the Year’ title against like clubs, from all parts of the state.
Click here view the Club of the Year breakdown.
A refresh of the traditional categories, revising the number of award categories from 45 to 21.
Click here to see a line-up of the 2020 Awards for Excellence categories.
Financial Judging updates
The criteria of the financial judging has been revised, and now sees a lower benchmark in relation to EBIDARD and Quick Ratio for receiving the full points allocation The 2020 changes to the financial aspect of the judging criterial will ensure that award winners are to be decided mainly by criteria that is specific to a particular award. 
Click here to see an overview of the revised Financial Judging criteria.