Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 July 2017 Hilton, Cairns

Experience a range of expert educational sessions, networking events and subject specific masterclasses providing insightful tips and tools for your community club and business operations. Learn from the best how to step it up a notch and be adventurous in what you pursue and get going in the Right Direction!  

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Masterclasses & Keynote Speakers

Des & Kay Barr , Living Chi

To start the day a little differently from past conferences -  Doug will introduce you to Kay & Des Barr, Tai Chi Master’s who will instruct us on the importance of Self Awareness and the ability to connect mind, body and breath.  Personal power means being balanced yourself; having a belief in your own self-sufficiency.  Kay and Des will help you find balance and harmony both physically and mentally so you start the conference off in the “Right Direction”.  It’s a little adventurous we know but you will enjoy and get involved in this one!!

Session 2: All In or Not At All
Geoff Wilson, Extreme Adventurer, 5th Element Expeditions
With three current world records under his belt, Dr Geoff Wilson is one of the world’s most accomplished desert, polar and kite-traction adventurers. He’s also the founder of 5th Element Expeditions. As well as an extreme endurance expedition leader, Geoff is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, entrepreneur, public speaker and family man. With a passion for business and charitable giving, he is the living endorsement of the motto ‘all in or not at all’. Geoff believes in this type of approach to life and business.  He is a man that doesn’t do things by halves and feels this may just be the secret to his success.  It’s this ‘all in’ mentality that Geoff will share with us as after all, when everyone is ‘all in’ you can create deeper engagement with your management and staff.

Session 3: Mental Health – Let’s Look Deeper 
Richard Burns, State Sales Manager – QLD, MAX  and
Emma Howard, Senior Consultant Psychologist, Centre for Corporate Health
After the wonderfully supportive feedback from last year’s conference where Richard spoke about the reality of anxiety, we wanted to not let this subject rest.  Emma, along with Richard will reopen this not often spoken about topic and lay it bare.  Learn the signs to look for in staff and colleagues, what to do and how to manage this very real problem that affects your bottom line wage cost significantly.  Can a better understanding and awareness of mental wellbeing assist the reduction of absenteeism and increase productivity? Absolutely!

Session 4: Staff Culture
Doug Wakefield, General Manager, Carina Leagues Club  with Emma Howard
Following Emma’s expertise, Doug will take you through his journey of realizing he had to make changes to his own management style in order for the club to succeed, what these changes were, how he made them and the results that unfolded. Having just won 7 major awards at the Keno Awards for Excellence Dinner, he may just be on to something.

Session 5: A Race to the Top
Darrell Jardine, Partner, HopgoodGanim Lawyers
A practical discussion with a commercial and legal twist to help clubs leave their competitors and trading pressures behind as they rise to the top and set a new benchmark in service delivery and patron experience.

Session 6: Top Food & Drink Trends for 2017
Chelsea Ford, Growth Strategist, Coach and Founder of Females in Food
Remember when green smoothies seemed revolutionary or macarons were a must? Food trends like these have become as much an Australian preoccupation as having a barbie on Australia Day. Chelsea Ford, growth strategist, facilitator and founder of Females in Food will present a punchy analysis of current food and drink trends that you can easily adapt into your club, regardless of budget. Chelsea’s presentation will incorporate ‘off the wall’ and inspiring trends for big budgets and those more easily recreated on a shoestring. Chelsea will illustrate what’s happening here in Australia and inspiring trends from abroad. This trends presentation will have you thinking of new ways in which you can leverage and adapt them for your business despite your operational set up or geographical location.

Session 7: Know First, Be First, Profit First
Craig Rispin, Business Futurist & Innovation Expert, The Future Trends Group
Learn about the business, people and technology trends transforming business around the world.  Craig will show you the driving forces impacting the club industry and give specific ideas to help you gain strategic advantage.  Ask yourself if you know the major trends that will affect your club/business in the next few years and do you have a strategy to deal with them?  How can you plan without knowing all the driving forces having an impact on your business and industry?  Well this is what Craig is going to explain. 

Session 8:  The Most Dangerous Words You’ll Hear In Any Small Business (and why you are in serious trouble if you still use them!)
Peter Brewer, Peter Brewer Consulting and
Daragh McGrath, Co-Founder, Enablo

Today's new consumers have changed the rules of engagement with businesses (including community Clubs just like yours) in a dramatic way. Couple those challenges with the rapidly evolving digital landscape and it'd be totally understandable for Club Boards and Managers to be left scratching their heads wondering what the hell to do next! In this fast-paced session, Digital Strategist Peter Brewer will identify 10 social and digital trends and give you solutions on how to address them.  Peter will finish by introducing Daragh who will speak about Facebooks new project that is now live called “Workplace”.  Workplace is a great example of the immediate future.  Bring your notepad and a pen with lots of ink!

Session 9: 7 Lessons for Digital & Marketing Transformations
Simon Harries, Manager, Customer Experience, Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia Group
In his keynote Simon will recount valuable lessons Velocity Frequent Flyer have learned as they address a challenge common to businesses across the globe: the need to transform digital marketing capabilities and deliver relevant, flawless digital experiences to their members.


Session 1 Masterclasses

The ABC Of Strategic Planning
John Dickson, Chairman, DWS Hospitality Specialists
Specific to:  Directors/CEO’s/Secretary Managers
Planning for the club's future is a major corporate governance responsibility for committee’s Directors and General Managers. It's no accident that 90% of community clubs that received the “best club for their region” have been involved in strategic planning.  John Dickson has been involved in strategic planning in the hospitality industry for over 25 years including some of Queensland's most successful clubs. He will take the mystery out of the process and show how the smallest club onwards can start to plan and implement a strategic vision for their club's future.  He will present a simple ABC strategy to get you started, or refine your current strategy.

Maximising The Value Exchange With Your Member Base
Simon Harries, Manager, Customer Experience, Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia Group
Specific to: Marketing Managers/ General
In this interactive session Simon will impart principles, approaches and insights he has acquired over a career spent in CRM, data-driven and loyalty marketing, to help you maximise the value of your membership base.

Change Is In The Air
Geoff Wilson, Extreme Adventurer, 5th Element Expeditions
Specific to:  General

Motivation is an essential element in any business.  After all, it is what drives us and makes us hungry for continuous improvement.  For many companies it can be the difference between success and failure.  So join Geoff in this masterclass where he hones in on his “all in” approach even further and learn how to kick start real change and breathe fresh air into your company.

Session 2 Masterclasses

“Waiter There Is A Fly In My Soup!”
Peter Brewer, Peter Brewer Consulting
Specific to:  Marketing Managers/CEO’s/General 

Have you noticed how angry some people are these days? Or is it just me? Take 5 minutes to look around TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, or any other number of the hundreds of online review sites and you could be forgiven for grabbing a scotch bottle and hiding under your desk! The bad news is that these review sites aren't going away. In this Masterclass, Digital Strategist Peter Brewer will share 11 simple rules your Club should use to ensure you're at the top of your game on Review sites. Hey, you can even write a review on Peter's session afterwards if you like!

Skill Set vs Mind Set
Chelsea Ford, Growth Strategist, Coach and Founder of Females in Food  
Specific to:  Women in Clubs ONLY 

The first 30 women to choose this masterclass will receive a gift.
Chelsea will facilitate this masterclass and lead us in discussion on how we as women can learn to ‘lean in’ and utilise partnerships and networks to support ourselves to live a wholehearted life. Chelsea will discuss how to move easily and effortlessly from survival to thriving in the often challenging and male dominated world of business.

Tips & Tricks, Myths & Misconceptions
Lachlan Graff, Principal, RWM Chartered Accountants
Specific to: Financial Controllers/CEO’s/Directors

What is a reporting entity, how does it affect your accounts, what is not-for-profit and what are the tips to address taxation in community clubs? These are just some of the questions that are often raised that Lachlan is here to answer, as well as many more. Join Lachlan Graff, from RWM Chartered Accountants, as he dispels the myths and spills the tips after over 20 years of questions from clients and clubs.

Session 3 Masterclasses

Best Practice Recovery from Mental Health Concerns:  A Practical Approach
Emma Howard, Senior Consultant Psychologist, Centre for Corporate Health 
Specific to:  HR Managers/General

Due to the increase in prevalence of Mental Health concerns in the workplace, it is becoming extremely important for organisations to not only be aware of the warning signs but also be equipped with skills to manage these cases in the best possible manner. This master class is designed specifically for HR professionals to learn an early intervention framework – consistent with best practice approaches and methodologies – which practically outlines how to manage mental health concerns in the workplace. This practical session will use case studies to demonstrate the key learnings. Participants will come out of the session confident, with new tools and strategies to add to their skillsets.

20 Years In Gaming And The Things I Can and Can’t Explain
Terry O’Halloran, Director, DWS Hospitality Specialists, NSW Division
Specific to: CEO’s/Directors/Gaming Managers

Technology, gaming room design, club design, regulations, competitors and fads shape our venue - but how do we know what works best? What new ideas are out there, and more importantly, should we just leave the unexplainable alone? I may not have all the answers, but I do have photographic proof to give insight to our little corner of the world 

How To Think Like A Futurist
Craig Rispin, Business Futurist & Innovation Expert, The Future Trends Group 
Specific to:  General

Futurists think differently from most people.  They analyse trends, anticipate significant changes and help their clients create preferable futures using techniques developed over decades.  You too can think like a futurist – Craig will teach you futurist systems and methods to help you see potential threats and opportunities that you couldn’t see before.