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Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard with a PT CX200 short throw projector for sale $1000
Very useful presentation tool featuring:
  • Large 77” screen for greater impact during presentations
  • Both finger and electronic pen touch input capability
  • Multi-touch operation with up to 3 users operating the whiteboard simultaneously
  • Easily save information written on the board using Elite Panaboard Software
  • Multimedia Pen enables users to have complete control over the presentations
  • Two additional USB ports allowing users to connect to other devices that might enhance the presentations
  • Elite Panaboard Software that is packed with a variety of different features and functions
  • Built-in stereo speaker
The UB-T880 interactive whiteboard is a 77” whiteboard that uses a projector to display PC images on to its surface and lets the presenter operate the data on the board with a finger or an Electronic Pen that works like a PC mouse. The UB-T880 interactive whiteboard has the capability of multi-touch 3 user seamlessly writing with a touch of a finger or use the handy Electronic Pen. The UB-T880 also allows users to save information written on the board with its Ink Note. In addition to this, the Panaboard interactive whiteboard comprises of two additional USB ports which permits users to connect to additional devices such as a desktop info camera, or even a printer, without using up the necessary resources in your PC to further enhance meetings and demonstrations.

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