Clubs AGM's - Incorporated Associations

The Associations Incorporation Act 1981 requires an association’s AGM to be held within 6 months of the end of their financial year. There is an existing provision in the Act (S121) which allows the Chief Executive to grant an extension of time to an association to hold its AGM.
Normal practice is that an individual association is required to lodge an application outlining the special circumstances as to why the extension of time should be granted. However in the current circumstances, the Chief Executive will allow associations a grace period of a further 6 months if required to hold its AGM without the need for an association to make a written application.
In effect, this may result in the term of a management committee being longer than is provided for in the rules, but given the current circumstances it is hoped members will be accepting of this.  
Of course, Associations are encouraged to consider whether there are alternative options for holding the AGM remotely by using technology. 
It is important that associations continue to engage with members and keep them informed of changing events. 

Insurance considerations

We have consulted with a range of industry insurance brokers who have advised that, generally speaking, a downturn or stoppage of trade as a result of a global pandemic such as the coronavirus would not enliven an insurance claim for disruption of trade.

Members are however encouraged to make their own enquiries of their insurance broker should the circumstances arise as individual policies may vary.