criminal history checks

AIS International Group is an accredited agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.  We conduct Australian Criminal History checks and International Criminal History Checks in 170+ countries, our criminal checks identify offences committed by potential candidates & contractors.

AIS has become an Industry Sponsors of Clubs Queensland  to provide it's members with a best practice solution to your employment process.  Over the years AIS have grown to become one of the leading providers of global background screening services, we are committed to providing superior, worldwide risk mitigation solutions encompassing the full spectrum of professional practice & corporate due diligence. We offer best practice investigative techniques, technological innovation and dedicated customer service, we educate and empower our clients to make informed business hiring decisions.  We can assist you when you are employing new staff members as well as maintaining an updated profile on your employees with regular background checks every 2-3 years depending on their responsibilities.

Cost of an Australian Police Check $62.00 + GST

AIS International is the fastest and most reliable provider of globally accepted national and international criminal history checks.

Quick Turn Around Time
With over 40 years experience in over 180 countries you can be sure you will get the highest quality and most accurate data with the fastest turn-around times. Guaranteed!

Dedicated Support Team
We have a dedicated support team and respond within 24 hours. For immediate support please contact help desk on:
p: 1800 986 751

The Application Process
The application process takes 10-15 minutes and please note:
  1. You will require 4 pieces of ID that need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace, or your local police, Pharmacist or other relevant body.  ID required Full Australian Birth certificate, Australian Passport, Driver’s License, Medicare card, bank statement.  These are listed on the consent form.
  2. Complete the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check 2019 Consent Form and attach.
  3. Upload all documents to your file and complete the application section by section with payment required at the end of the file.
  4. When you have submitted your application for the check, AIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP will assess your application for completeness.
  5. Your National Criminal History check results will be sent directly to your relevant venue manager by AIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP.
  6. This process will take between 1-2 days.

AIS Brochure

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AIS forms

AIS venue agreement template
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100 point checklist
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