Community Club Awareness Week 2019 19-25th August 2019

This year Clubs Queensland is launching a new website during Community Club Awareness Week to spotlight the fantastic community work of all Queensland Clubs. The website is designed to bring awareness to the vast range of benefits clubs bring in service to their local communities.

It’s more important than ever to demonstrate the value of community clubs to both the local community and local government it’s what sets us apart from every form of entertainment. Every club has stories where they are of benefit to their own communities and it’s important that these stories are being shared and celebrated. 

The Clubs Queensland team highly encourages all clubs to “toot their own horn” this Awareness Week and use the downloads and templates provided to tell everyone they know about the fantastic work they are doing. Visit during Awareness Week and get inspired. Website will be live from 20  August 2019.

Do you have a story that you’d like to see on the My Community Club website? Send it into Clubs Qld with a related image at

Do your members and locals really know your value? 

It’s over to you to make sure they do!