From the OLGR

Victoria Thomson
Deputy Director General of Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading


It has been a busy time for the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLG ), especially our licensing division. The licensing teams have been working through an influx of extended hours permit applications from licensees for their venue’s end of year celebrations.

I’d like to commend all the clubs that got their permit applications in early for their end of year events. For those who haven’t submitted their permit applications for any events early in the new year, remember this needs to be done at least 21 days before your event.

While permit applications may be top of mind right now, it’s not the only licensing function that directly impacts licensees. In fact, you’re probably dealing with the licensing team frequently throughout the year for individual liquor and gaming occupational licences, payment of your licence fees and more.

Recognising the significant impacts our licensing services can have on clubs, we are constantly looking at how we can improve them, particularly around processing times.

Recently, we’ve tackled licence transfer processing times after it was identified as a priority by industry representatives. Through a shake-up of our internal processes, we have reduced processing times for licence transfers by more than 27 per cent, with most transfers taking around 35 days last financial year despite a 13.5 per cent increase in the number of transfers lodged year on year.

As you may be aware, new and e isting individual liquor and gaming occupational licence holders can now complete their applications on the OLG online portal.

Today, around 70 per cent of occupational licence applications are processed through this service, with significant reductions in processing times. or e ample, processing times for new approved manager applications dropped from 21 to 15 days and most renewals are currently completed in around five days.
OLG understands that increasing licensing processing efficiencies remains a priority for industry, and it’s an area we will continue to work on.

We are also looking at introducing additional licence types to the OLG portal allowing more applications to be processed online and launching a new licensee guide on our website which will make it easier for new licensees to understand their obligations and avoid common pitfalls when starting out in the industry. tay tuned to OLG 's Facebook page for more information about these projects.

I’m sure these new and updated resources will be invaluable to Queensland clubs, based on my discussions with industry including at a recent Hervey Bay and Maryborough Liquor Industry Action Group meeting.

The meeting was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of liquor accords in Queensland. I also gave attendees an update on the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on OLG 's regulatory and compliance functions, as well as the latest on our five-year regulatory strategy which we e pect will be released this month.

I look forward to getting out and about and meeting more licensees and industry stakeholders in 2022.