Visitor radius trial commences

For many years, Clubs Queensland on behalf of industry has sought to reduce barriers to entry for community clubs.

Following the Palaszczuk Government’s election commitment back in September 2020 for a two-year trial of a 0km visitor radius for community clubs, there has been a further 12 months of solid efforts by both CQ and government to get this trial underway.

In great news for the community club industry, the long-awaited trial of reducing the visitor radius to 0km commenced on 1 September 2021.

What does this mean for clubs?
From 1 September 2021, clubs do not need to do anything should they wish to adopt a 0km visitor radius. If a club adopts a 0km visitor radius, anyone who comes to the club may enter as a visitor, regardless of where they live.

There is also currently no requirement to have visitors ‘sign-in’ (using a register or other electronic register terminal), given the government’s Statement of Regulatory Intent which does not impose this requirement while clubs are required to operate the Check-in Qld App (CIQ App).

If a club wishes to retain a 15km visitor radius, again there is no need to do anything and the status quo will remain.

What about members?
Patrons who are members will continue to enter as a member, use the CIQ App and swipe their membership card for membership benefits.

It is important to note that, the success of the trial will be contingent on clubs continuing to grow membership. This is important to preserve club objectives, in that they exist to benefit members.

CQ encourages Clubs to continue to build its membership strategy, despite this entry requirement changing.

What about taxation apportionment calculations?
For those clubs that rely on the “Waratahs” formula of taxation apportionment, you will continue to measure taxation apportionment and should speak to your financial advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

What about reciprocal members and guests?
Patrons may also still technically enter as a reciprocal member or guest, but given there is no requirement to ‘sign in’ and that any patron is now a visitor, it is likely these categories will not be used often.

What about take away liquor?
The change also applies to visitors attending/entering the club to purchase take away liquor.

Will this two-year trial be made permanent?
CQ is committed to ensuring that this two-year trial remains as permanent. It will be contingent on clubs continuing to grow membership numbers, decreases in the number of patron incidents at the door regarding not being eligible to enter as a visitor and there being no significant increase to liquor sales or incidents of alcohol fuelled violence.

Throughout the two-year trial, data will be gathered from seven (7) community clubs across Queensland to ensure the above is captured.

Clubs Queensland appreciates the collaboration of the following clubs who volunteered to be part of this exercise. The cohort will provide a capture of state-wide data as we move through the next period of time:
  • Kedron-Wavell Services Club (Brisbane North);
  • The Lion (Brisbane West);
  • Carina Leagues Club (Brisbane South);
  • Coolum Surf Club (Sunshine Coast);
  • Palm Beach Surf Club (Gold Coast);
  • Frenchville Sports Club (Central Queensland); and
  • Brothers Leagues Club Townsville (North Queensland).
If your club would like to provide CQ feedback regarding the change and what it has meant for your club, please email Dan Nipperess at