If your child was in danger, you’d do anything to save them, RIGHT?

By Doug Flockhart, CEO of Clubs Queensland

Of course, all of us wouldn’t hesitate to save our children or grandchildren from imminent danger! 

This point is appropriately made in the book I’ve just finished reading, Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast, by Jonathan Safran Foer, and I’ll openly say that it was a challenging, not at all enjoyable read.

For those that know me, I’ve been voicing my concern regarding the issue of pollution, our environment and global warming for some time. I am also aware that for most of us, given the issue is not knocking on our front door, we are not seeing or acknowledging the threat. 

Given this (with the support of IGT), late last year Clubs Queensland hosted a group of clubbies for a day at Lady Elliott Island Eco Resort to expose them to how you go about environment change, whist still remaining commercially viable – see article ‘Sustainability and Leadership’ (edition six Club Insight 2019). The outcome of that day was both inspirational and life changing.

Over the Christmas break, I was prompted to write this article given 2020 heralds a new decade, and also due to the increasing number of social media posts I’ve seen (posted by what I’ll call uniformed morons), that continue to inappropriately attack Greta Thunberg for her environmental stance and comments.  

The science does not lie, and the facts have been confirmed – our planet is sick, and she is in trouble.
I ask you clubland, to please play your part in reversing the damage done to our earth by humanity, and contribute to nursing our environment back to good and sustainable health. If we don’t act now, then the danger to our children is genuinely real. 

Get involved, have a voice, become informed, push for URGENT change and importantly ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to your impact around sustainability and the future.  We can fix this; however, the majority of humanity must be involved and you ‘clubland’ can influence this outcome as well as being a leader in this space. 

I’m up for the challenge – because selfishly, I want my two children to have a beautiful world to enjoy and, in turn, to contribute to. Importantly, I don’t want them exposed to danger that could have been avoided by me being consciously and actively involved; that could have been avoided collectively by we. 

Bob Brown the ex-Greens leader once said to me, when I asked what advice he would give to the then Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Tony Abbott  MP– “all politicians should govern through the eyes of our children and grandchildren.” On this point, I agree!

Together let’s make this decade count, because if we don’t the consequences are frankly dire!

PS... “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced” - James Baldwin

PPS... My admiration for Greta is on the basis she sounded the alarm about humanity’s predatory relationship with the only home we have and brought to a fragmented world a voice that transcends backgrounds and borders.