Responsible gaming practices – ALH Group just got pinged will your club be next?

Off the back of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, ALH Group has just been outed by the industry investigators for it’s shocking gaming practices that contravene the industry Code of Practice and community expectations of venues.

A statement on the investigation from ALH Group - Woolworths' 75 per cent-owned joint-venture that houses its hotels business - said investigators found that over about six months from June, 2017, employees in some Queensland pubs were "recording descriptive information about gaming customers".

ALH said the practice was below the company's expectations and contrary to its policies.

Investigators also found some Queensland pub staff gave additional free drinks and extra attention to "high-value customers to encourage further gaming activity".

Among its responses to the investigation, ALH says it will ban service of free alcoholic drinks in gaming rooms.

Clubs Queensland CEO Doug Flockhart said while only hotels have been focussed on at present, this is a lesson to the club community too.

“Clubs Queensland has been promoting the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice to community clubs since its inception. It is enforceable and is part of the sectors obligations and duty of care to our customers.”

“Responsible gaming is good for business.”

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