Industry Sponsors

Joining Clubs Queensland as an “Industry Sponsor” is one of the smartest things you can do for your business, as we work with the key players in an industry that contributes over 2 billion dollars a year  to the Queensland economy. The opportunity is all about brand position, and associate sponsorship assists in, exposing your reputation, promoting and supporting growth and leveraging each other’s strengths.

Your investment in your sponsorship is also an investment in the Queensland community club  industry. Your investment directly assists Clubs Queensland to operate, to continue to deliver industry leadership and sustainability.

Did You Know?
There are approximately 1,100 sporting, returned services leagues, surf lifesaving, cultural, ethnic and special interests clubs in Queensland. Together, they hold 2.4 million memberships, employ close to 22,100 people, return $58 million in cash and in-kind support for various community projects and 853 million in social contribution.


Cultivate credibility
This is one of the unique opportunities businesses have to build trust and establish rapport with clubland prospects. Change the way your brand is perceived by associating with other highly respected industry partners and highlight/showcase the values of your organization.

Engage with your audience
Unlike traditional methods of advertising, which are relatively one dimensional, an industry sponsorship gives you ‘face to face’ time with clubland, i.e. the ability to have a two way conversation. This presents an opportunity to humanise your brand whilst networking with potential customers.

Generate leads
Stand out from the crowd, stay up to date with the latest industry news, take advantage of the opportunity to mix with the who’s who of clubland. Great business exposure in an environment that genuinely assists in attracting sales and new partnership opportunities.

Build brand awareness
Industry Sponsors will receive brand recognition “that’s a given”, however don’t forget there are many unique opportunities to received additional brand exposure at industry events regularly organised by Clubs Queensland. Curated sponsorship delivers opportunities flow, it’s all about commitment and bang for your buck.
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To explore Industry Sponsor opportunities, contact:

Tamara Rose

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