DD & SW Zone, Financial Literacy Workshop CANCELLED

DD & SW Zone, Financial Literacy Workshop CANCELLED
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Building on last years standard level workshop, this Intermediate workshop will ensure you have the correct level of financial literacy to hold your position on the board or committee. It is a key skill for all directors and committee members and is essential in fulfilling your legal and fiduciary duties and responsibilities to the club/s you govern. This is a complimentary workshop available to member clubs of Clubs Qld only.

The intermediate financial literacy course will build on the beginner's course. Participants will learn:

  • the importance of financial literacy and the financial reporting responsibilities and obligations imposed on club directors by the law
  • an in-depth analysis of the three key financial statements, namely the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows
  • using a listed public company, participants will be guided through a simple step-by-step methodology on how to read, analyse and interpret the three key financial statements and draw conclusions
  • working in groups, participants will apply this step-by-step methodology to a real Queensland Club and draw conclusions about the club's financial performance, financial position and cash flows
  • at the same time, this analysis will ask participants to draw conclusions as to the club's financial strengths and weaknesses
  • the course explains a range of key accounting concepts, such as accrual accounting, going concern, working capital, EBIT, EBITDA, depreciation and amortisation
  • the day concludes with the importance of financial ratios as a means of highlighting important trends and concerns of the financial performance of the entity; and
  • participants will learn how to use financial ratios to analyse the performance of a listed public company .and then apply these principles to analysing the financial performance of a real Queensland club.
Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own club's most recent set of audited financial statements and apply the above mentioned step-by-step methodology to analyse and draw conclusions as to the financial performance and financial position of their own club. 


21/04/2018 - 21/04/2018
254 South St
City Golf Club, Australia

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