Clubs Queensland Political Donations Policy 

This policy sets out Clubs Queensland’s guiding principles for public policy advocacy and political donations.  

We participate ethically, openly and responsibly in the public policy development and decision-making process. Our aim is to represent the best interests of our stakeholders, and in doing so we acknowledge and respond to the legitimate interests of our staff, and the communities our member clubs serve and the environment in which we operate.  

Contributions to public policy  

As the peak industry body for the Queensland community club sector we have an obligation to make a constructive and positive contribution to public policy development and to participate in the public policy decision-making process.  

Clubs Queensland contributes by:  
  • identifying, analysing and developing public policy positions and strategies on issues of significance to the community club sector and the communities in which they operate;  
  • engaging in dialogue with elected representatives, government and regulatory officials and interest groups such as consumer, employee, community and environmental organisations; and  
  • working collaboratively and transparently with third parties that have similar interests and approaches to ours; and where further opportunities for dialogue and engagement are provided.  
We do this with the intention to:  
  • ensure that Clubs Queensland perspectives are considered in decisions or actions that may affect Clubs Queensland, the community club sector, other relevant stakeholders and the community’s community clubs serve;
  • make a valued contribution to policy matters that are directly related to the Queensland community club business; and  
  • help promote constructive public policy discussion in our capacity as the  peak industry body.
1.0 Scope 

1.1  This Political Donations Policy (the Policy) applies to the Registered and Licensed Clubs Association of Queensland (Clubs Queensland) and is not intended to apply to any political donations or gifts made by an Employee or Director of Clubs Queensland in a personal capacity. 

However, all Employees and Directors of Clubs Queensland are required to inform Clubs Queensland of all political donations or gifts made in a personal capacity in accordance with the Policy. 

2.0 Policy 

2.1 Clubs Queensland will not provide cash donations, or services of value to political parties, elected members of parliament or potential parliamentary candidates.  Clubs Queensland will not provide funding to political party campaigns. 

2.2 Clubs Queensland may, pay a fee for attendance at events hosted by a political party, elected member of parliament or potential parliamentary candidate.  The purpose of this is to hear from or engage with such political parties, elected members of parliament or potential parliamentary candidates. Any attendance by Clubs Queensland representatives at such events may also include a political fund-raising component. 

2.3 Clubs Queensland engages in policy discussions across the spectrum with political parties, elected members of parliament or potential parliamentary candidates in order to fulfil its purpose of representing the interests of registered and licensed community clubs in Queensland.       
3.0 Due Diligence 

3.1 Clubs Queensland is apolitical, meaning it understands the need to foster amicable relationships with all sides of government, other political parties and potential parliamentary candidates.   

Clubs Queensland recognises that in doing so, it will be well placed to deliver on its purpose, that being representing the interests of registered and licensed community clubs in Queensland.   
3.2  Clubs Queensland will endeavour to be aware of the activities that any contribution is supporting.  Clubs Queensland will undertake appropriate due diligence of these activities to ensure they will be beneficial for Clubs Queensland, its purpose and will withstand reasonable public, professional and community scrutiny.  

4.0 Political Donation Disclosure 

4.1 Clubs Queensland will ensure that it is compliant with its obligations with respect to political donation reporting and disclosure.  This includes potential reporting and disclosure obligations to the Australian and Queensland Electoral Commissions under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth) and the Electoral Act 1992 (Qld).  

5.0 Prohibition on political donations 

5.1 Clubs Queensland acknowledges that it has an associate agreement in place with Club Property Solutions (CPS), a specialist property advisory and development management company.   

Clubs Queensland has taken legal advice with respect to this partnership with CPS which has confirmed that, despite its relationship with CPS, it is not a ‘prohibited donor’ under the Local Government Electoral Act 2011 (Qld). 

6.0 Date of effect 

6.1 This policy is effective from 8 October 2019 and will be reviewed periodically as determined by the Board of Clubs Queensland.