My Community Club

My Community Club is an initiative of Clubs Queensland designed to create a focal point for the collective work the community club industry does to build healthier, happier, stronger and safer communities throughout Queensland.

With communities gathering in community clubs, we are perfectly placed to promote cultural change; through this initiative, clubs can easily engage with social responsibility campaigns designed to support those who need help.

Currently running campaigns include:

Say Yes to Respect

Based around the concept of respect for all, this campaign seeks to get clubs to stand up, speak out and act against domestic violence and abuse. Clubs Queensland has paired with the CEO Challenge to bring training opportunities to clubs to train their teams, as well as resources to demonstrate their support for respectful relationships. 

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Ask for Angela

A patron safety campaign initially begun in English pubs, ‘Ask for Angela’ is a program for women who feel vulnerable, unsafe, or uncomfortable due to company when in venues. For Clubs, the campaign includes staff training resources and posters to establish the program. 

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Financial Respect

Leading on from the Yes to Respect Campaign, My Community Club says Yes to Financial Respect is all about financial independence and protecting vulnerable people from financial abuse. For Clubs there are resources on promoting financial respect and posters to show their support. 

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