Workplace Relations and Compliance (WRS) Service

Our expert team. Your peace of mind

To be successful and mitigate risk, community clubs must be on the front foot when it comes to workplace relations and general compliance.   We are in an era where legal claims and prosecutions are at an all-time high.  To protect your club in a cost-effective manner, the Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations and Compliance (WRC) Service is here to help.

Our job is to simplify the regulatory environment for you with expert advice and assistance on such things as Workplace Relations and Compliance.

Does your club...

Have a board and require governance support to meet your reporting obligations?

Have internal HR professionals to manage the employee life cycle and understand employee entitlements and obligations?

Want to keep up to date with all the changes in workplace law, corporations law, pay rates and regulatory changes?

Are you concerned...

About the cost of litigation should your club find itself in hot water?

About your club making the headlines for all the wrong reasons?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you NEED to subscribe to the Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations and Compliance Service.

Designed specifically for the club sector, your subscription could prevent a potential legal or compliance disaster and save you many thousands of dollars should you need professional, expert advice.

Managing your risk, workplace relations and compliance has never been easier or more affordable. 


Better service for you

In 2020, Clubs Queensland has restructured our Workplace Relations and Compliance (WRC) Service offering into three levels of service to provide members with a more comprehensive and flexible service to meet the needs of our sector and the modern, complex business and regulatory environment in which we operate.  

Clubs Queensland now offers three levels of service via our WRC Basics, WRC Essentials and WRC Comprehensive service subscriptions.

Clubs Queensland member clubs will automatically have access to WRC Basics as part of their Clubs Queensland membership. WRC Essentials and WRC Comprehensive are available as an extra service and provide subscribers with additional access to an extensive set of resources and services, designed to provide subscribers with extra value and peace of mind.

WRC Basics

  • Basic telephone advice  on all areas of Workplace Relations and Compliance*;  
  • Access to Special Alerts and the WRC Corner newsletter capturing current workplace relations and compliance issues and developments;
  • Access to Clubs Queensland’s website, including:
    • factsheets covering all aspects of workplace relations;
    • industry specific pay rate tools;
    • template letters of appointment, employment policies, letters to employees;
    • access to the Award, employment legislation and Fair Work Commission tools;
    • audit checklists and induction packs; and positions vacant board.
  • Access to Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations webinars.

*Telephone advice will be capped at 15 minutes per issue with discretion to be used by Clubs Queensland staff

WRC Essentials

All services of WRC Basics plus:
  • Telephone advice and detailed written advices, in relation to all aspects of Workplace Relations and Compliance; 
  • Development of tailored letters of appointment, position descriptions and employment policies;
  • Representation** in all Fair Work Commission, Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and other tribunal matters, up to conciliation; 
  • Access to the 10 Point Workplace Relations Health Check; and
  • Access to Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations training and webinars.

**Representation will be by telephone


WRC Comprehensive

All services of WRC Basics and Essentials plus:

  • Attendance at the club to:
    • Provide advice;
    • Facilitate Board Meetings; and
    • Facilitate disciplinary and redundancy procedures;
  • Workplace Investigations;
  • Workplace Mediations;
  • Assistance with arrears calculations;
  • Substantial development of letters of offer;
  • Two attendees at the annual Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations seminar; and
  • Representation in all Fair Work Commission, Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and other tribunal matters.


Clubs who subscribe to the WRC Essentials and WRC Comprehensive, will also be supporting the Queensland club industry’s industrial relations advocacy. 

If you have any questions about the WRC Service, please contact a member of the Workplace Relations and Compliance team.

Nat Milevskiy
Senior Workplace Relations & Compliance Advisor
e: [email protected]
Dan Nipperess
General Manager
e: [email protected]
Jasmin Van Gorp
Workplace Relations & Compliance Advisor
e: [email protected]
Millie Mitchell
Workplace Relations & Compliance Advisor
e: [email protected]