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Clubs Queensland plays an important role in advocating at all levels of government and industry bodies on behalf of community clubs to secure favourable outcomes to relevant issues, and positively influence the legislative and regulatory environment to ensure the best possible operating conditions.

Clubs Queensland – Community Club Compact

Recently, Clubs Queensland obtained a commitment from the Queensland Government to form a Community Club Compact group to work through the various taxation and regulatory requests made of government.  

This was in response to the Queensland Club Industry Election Plan which was submitted to both government and opposition prior to the Queensland state election in October 2020.  To access a copy of the Election Plan, please click here.

The community club compact group has been established to consult over the following:
  • Indexation of taxation;
  • Removal of the temporary ‘Fiscal Repair Tax’;
  • Wavier of the March 2020 taxation sweep;
  • Queens Wharf Fiscal Relief Package;
  • Max bets increased to $10 and linked to increased RTP;
  • Ticket in ticket out (TITO) and Card Based Gaming;
  • Free play enabled in clubs;
  • Provide for varied consumer payment methods;
  • Trading Hours;
  • Club Amalgamations;
  • Barriers to entry; and
  • Diversifying the types of gaming available to community clubs.
Clubs Queensland members will receive periodic alerts in relation to the Community Club Compact as it evolves. 

Clubs Queensland Club Census

In recognising a need to create a strong narrative to government, showing the benefits that community clubs bring to local communities, Clubs Queensland have embarked on establishing a data portal for the Queensland community club industry.

Clubs Queensland have commissioned GWI to assist with this, by gathering all publically available information.  Clubs Queensland have also commenced a survey process with members to gather data that is not available publically.

Clubs Queensland’s dedication to responsible gambling

Clubs Queensland is dedicated to ensuring responsible gaming in the community club industry. 

In support of this, Clubs Queensland is an active member of the Responsible Gambling Advisory Committee, a committee established by government to determine the policy direction of responsible gambling in Queensland.

Clubs Queensland has also put forward a number of practical reform suggestions in response to the Queensland Government’s Gambling Harm Minimisation Plan for Queensland 2021-2025.


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