Clubs Queensland welcomes the announcement today by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Queensland Government, that it will not be proceeding with the ASF consortium’s proposal to develop a $3 billion casino and hotel on the Southport Spit.
Clubs Queensland has been challenging this proposed development on behalf of the community club industry for nearly two years, i.e. opposing the ASF IRD proposal that included a casino.  

Our fight to stop this development saw Clubs Queensland commission an independent report on behalf of members, into how the proposal may affect Community Clubs on the coast (including Surf Clubs, RSLs and sporting clubs).  The report revealed that conservatively, 30 clubs would be at significant risk of closure.  The report further revealed that millions of dollars would be taken out of Gold Coast community via community benefit contributions, jobs would be lost and over 500,000 club members and volunteers displaced.

“This has been a lonely fight at times.  That said, no-one has been able to quash the fact that an additional IRD development on the Gold Coast would hurt community clubs and inevitably hurt the community more broadly, due to the loss of community facilities and much needed funding.” – said Doug Flockhart.   
The announcement comes as a welcome relief not just for the community club industry, but also for the hospitality industry generally on the Gold Coast.  

Clubland should be proud of the efforts of Clubs Queensland, given the result.  The outcome of today’s announcement clearly indicates that Clubs Queensland’s political representation is both considered and respected by government. 

Mr Flockhart also stated – “Ongoing we will continue to focus on the fact that Queensland does not need any more IRD’s on the Gold Coast, or the rest of Queensland for that matter, given the government today has not yet ruled out that possibility.  That said, I reiterate that today’s announcement is a BIG win for clubland and it acknowledges the years of effort that has gone into this campaign.”