From the Minister

Message from the Attorney-General, Justice Minister and Leader of the House

The Hon Yvette D’Ath MP


Gambling help for all Queenslanders

Recently, we held Responsible Gambling Awareness Week in Queensland (30 July-5 August). The week’s theme posed the question, “How does your gambling stack up?,” encouraging gamblers to stay within their limits and highlighting the support available to people who feel gambling may have become a problem for them.

I am thrilled with the amount of support the week was given by media, community and industry organisations, from sharing our social media tips, right through to the roll out of information events in regional areas.
Thank you to all of the hotel licensees and staff that displayed electronic signage, made information available, and connected people with support services throughout the week. It is my intention to do our best to ensure the campaign’s message continues throughout the year, so that problem gamblers, and people who are adversely affected by gambling, can be fully aware of the range of free tools and services they can access at any time.

I am also very pleased to announce a new website designed to minimise the impact of gambling on Queenslanders – A collaboration between my department and Relationships Australia Queensland, it features real-life stories from people who have overcome gambling addiction, as well as valuable information on how to access counselling and support (telephone, face-to-face and online). Also of interest for your venue may be the site’s extensive information for gambling providers, such as a video that explains the patron self-exclusion process. 

There is also a questionnaire to help people assess if their gambling is risky. 

I encourage you to check out the website and refer to your colleagues and customers, and I thank you again for your continued support.

New declared organisation

Another outlaw motorcycle gang, Mongrel Mob, has been declared as an ‘identified organisation’ in Queensland, under the Liquor Regulation 2002. This takes the list of entities to 28. 

The purpose of this declaration is to reduce the threat posed by criminal gangs and organised crime in Queensland. 

Under the Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016, licensees and staff are required to take reasonable steps to remove, refuse or exclude a person from their venue if they are wearing or carrying prohibited items associated with these organisations.
Please familiarise yourself with the list of declared organisations by searching for ‘Logos of identified organisations’ at

Parliamentary Friends of Clubs Dinner 

I was very humbled to be part of the Parliamentary Friends of Clubs dinner, organised by Clubs Queensland and hosted at Parliament House in August. 

Members of Parliament and community club representatives from across the state gathered as part of Community Clubs Awareness Week, in celebration of the vital role clubs play in Queensland communities. 

I’d just like to take this opportunity to reflect on the contributions clubs make, both socially and economically. 

Clubs strengthen community ties, bring people together, encourage positive social behaviour, instil a sense of belonging and foster mateship – all pillars which make our state great.

In terms of licences, there are 877 community club licences (as of 30 June this year), and it is estimated that Queensland is home to more than 1100 community clubs in total. 

These clubs employ more than 22,000 people, with 9000 based in regional Queensland. They return more than $850 million in social contributions and generate annual economic activity valued at more than $2.2 billion for the state’s economy.

Clubs Queensland and the Queensland Government have a shared charter in providing valuable support to community clubs. 

We look forward to continuing to work with Clubs Queensland and on behalf of its members to ensure a thriving industry for all to enjoy.